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Promotions and Demotions

Greetings, everyone.

As the thread title implies, we're having some promotions and demotions which include several servers. Starting off with Zombie Escape:

@RUMBLE - The mastermind behind our current ZE, which is showing to be greater than ever before. Although his team was betrayed by some individuals who are no longer among us, he did not give up on his team and continued his duties as well as being motivated to work even harder. Your actions are to be praised, therefore you are officially becoming a Councilor for the Zombie Escape team. Congratulations buddy, I look forward to you continuing to impress us with your skills. :)

@Snowii Pink - With a higher-up...

Forum Update *HALLOWEEN*

Hey everyone!

Its been quite some time since we had a cool forum update, don't you say? After adding the cool bats and other goodies I thought it would be cool to start off the Halloween spirit with a new forum design. I added my own little touches too it since I couldn't access some material that the design came with itself but i think it looks awesome! I believe we have even more things planned that hopefully make its way into our servers that me and @Macho are discussing. If you have any problems with the new design and want to switch back you may message me or another staff and they can assist you. This design will not be permanent and will last until Thanksgiving Thursday, November 26. We take Halloween very...

One time offers [8 Oct to 14 Oct]

Amount / ItemsItem 1Item 2Item 3Item 4Item 5 (Pokemod only)
70$1 Year VIP/Admin in one of our servers60,000 Points or Poke dollars7 months VIP/Admin + 30,000 Points or Poke dollars6 months VIP/Admin in all of our servers10x Legendary pokes of your choice
35$6 months VIP/Admin in one of our servers30,000 Points or poke dollars4 months VIP/Admin + 15,000 Points or Poke dollars3 months VIP/Admin in all of our servers5x Legendary pokes of your choice

A few Councilor updates

Greetings, everyone.

I bring forward the news to tell you that one person who's among us is being promoted and joining the Council team. Whether it be the forums, servers or discord, I'm sure most of you have seen and/or interacted with this amazing person. And that person is the one, the only, @transitoo! Congratulations my guy, you've deserved it since some time ago already but the day has finally come.

Following that promotion, we will also have a couple of demotions too. We've already noticed that two of our Councilors have lacked to show activity here in the community lately and therefore we're lowering their ranks. However we should...

Which game would you rather see us in?

Title says it all. Will be adding a poll to determine which game either has more people owning the game, wanting to play the game, or wanting to see us having a server in the game.

There are three games in this list:

Garry's Mod, L4D2, and Minecraft.

I personally know nothing in terms of developing any of these games, but will be looking into potential options we can have in moving in them.

Please note, we will have something in every one of these games, I just want to see what will be first.

In my personal opinion, I will be voting L4D2. I'm most familiar with that game, personally own the game and very cheap to buy for others during steam sales.

This vote will determine where we start trying to add servers in and partner with a...