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  1. Trydamerekiller @ Trydamerekiller:
    oh hi @ez' sup hows it going.
  2. Trench Medic @ Trench Medic:
  3. Ultras|x30n1 @ Ultras|x30n1:
  4. Mr.Pedro @ Mr.Pedro:
    @ez` you here??
  5. Trench Medic @ Trench Medic:
  6. -Amenadiel- @ -Amenadiel-:
    Well, yeah for us who only have 40 fps or just 5 with night vision ... ughh of course its hack if you using 800 fps DAMNNN xDDD
  7. ez` @ ez`:
  8. Comrade Error @ Comrade Error:
  9. Mr.Pedro @ Mr.Pedro:
  10. bonie and clyde @ bonie and clyde:
  11. Ultras|x30n1 @ Ultras|x30n1:
  12. -Amenadiel- @ -Amenadiel-:
    we are saying that to girls when they are talking badly to us XD
  13. -Amenadiel- @ -Amenadiel-:
    XDDD kurva is a beautiful word (if you want to know what its mean in my lang use translator with hungary language)
  14. -Amenadiel- @ -Amenadiel-:
  15. bonie and clyde @ bonie and clyde:
    @zXCaptainXz kurva ime personale
  16. Trench Medic @ Trench Medic:
    HAHAHAH @Macho
  17. transitoo @ transitoo:
    added ur tags jolas
  18. -Amenadiel- @ -Amenadiel-:
    yesyes duck_danceduck_danceduck_dance
  19. @ roy:
  20. Macho @ Macho:
  21. Macho @ Macho:
    You get a ban for racism.
  22. Macho @ Macho:
    Here you go, trench.
  23. -Amenadiel- @ -Amenadiel-:
    in the bermuda island
  24. Trench Medic @ Trench Medic:
    i got the balls, where is my promo :kekw:
  25. Macho @ Macho:
    Hello, my little kitten.
  26. transitoo @ transitoo:
    @Macho hi papi

Holiday Event - Conclusion

Greetings, dear community.

A big thank you from the staff goes to @Striker and @RedPepsi who were the ones to support the event financially so we could give money prizes. Also, I want to say that I appreciate every fellow team member who worked hard to make every event possible and make them enjoyable for the community. Considered that this is the biggest event that we have ever held, it was pretty successful although there was a bit of pressure sometimes. Nonetheless, it was very fun and hopefully we will make such major events in the future too :)

In the meantime, I wish everyone a happy new year, and may you & your friends/families remain healthy and safe during these times. ❤

Newest addition to the Councilor team.

Hello, community!

I want to inform you that @ez` will be joining our team as a Councilor. He's an old and experienced member, as he's been part of different communities and has held various positions. I've known him for several years now and I never heard anything bad being said about him, as well as being in service to the community by holding multiple giveaways for its members. On top of that, he's adept when it comes to detecting scripters/cheaters. Since he will be more often around here, we look forward to him showing his abilities by working closely with @roy and @zXCaptainXz on the ZP scene and making sure that the server maintains a smooth momentum.

Therefore, please...

Biggest promotions in a long while.

Greetings, everyone.

With the new year approaching and changes swiftly being made to the community, I feel a few changes needed to be made in the ranks.

As you know, the co-owner rank is a heavily respected rank for my most trusted people within the community. People who if I were to suddenly croak from covid-19 or unable to handle levin's love, these people will be able to take over the community and keep things running smoothly. We have some solid names in the list and I feel we need to add one more name to this list.

@Striker has been with this community since near the inception of us taking over LgK. He has risen in the ranks through hard work, dedication, and being a massive help to the community...

Palankus Access Flag prices

These are the flags for admin access on PalanKus with an explanation of what the flags do. "ghl" are not available for sale because it can affect the server security.
if you paid for the "ghl" previously and got them removed there is nothing to do about it as it was removed from everyone who bought it. you will get "yx" as a replacement.
  • bcdefiju--> Basic Admin [Start Modes, Repsawn, Admin Skin, Basic Admin Access] ---> 8$
  • bcdefijtsu --> ^ + [Make Players Nemesis or Nightcrawlers, and probs Survivor] ---> 12$
  • bcdefijptsu --> ^ + [Make Players Dragon and possibly Plasma] --> 15$
  • bcdefijpqkotsu --> ^ + [Make Players Sniper / Knifer] -->...


sigh. it goes like this, I've backed up palankus,zp,dust, and the forums for now (and rumble has the ze files). I didn't pack other databases. those backups are just there incase something goes rolf soi soi.

Subject and date :
Upcoming platform upgrade with reboot shortly after 1:30am Eastern Time on December 15 and/or the next day

Dec 14 2020 12:27:06 AM PT

We are planning to reboot the machine hosting your VDS at approximately 1:30am Eastern Time on December 15, in order to apply critical platform updates that address serious vulnerabilities. We are also scheduling a backup maintenance window for the next...

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