Base Builder Tournament


On the occasion of the opening of the new server (BB) This will be the first tournament
First top 3 levels wins the 3 prizes as per mentioned below. (in /toplevel)


1st - 20 days VIP Package
2nd - 15 days VIP Package
3rd - 3,000 Ammopacks

The tournament ends in : 08/07/20 (after a week)

Admins or existing VIPS will not participate in this tournament.

Good Luck to everyone.
P.S: To all admins, please advertise about this tournament in game, so people are aware about it. thanks.​

Some Deserved Council Promotions

Hey guys,

I have noticed two people in particular are/were working very hard in their servers and on forums and i think its time we give them a promotion! These people worked hard to reach this point and so we thank them for their hard work and congratulate them by moving them up to a more deserved rank!

@Error we congratulate you on joining the COUNCIL team! You work very hard on Palankus and it shows day in and day out. We appreciate all the hard work you bring towards the server and community as a whole and we hope that this promotion brings out even more capability of greatness from you and your team! I messaged...​

Veteran & Badges

Hey everyone!

I finally added the Veteran Rank as well as a Badge that can go with it.(Subject to Change). Here is what it looks like:


As you can see the star is the badge and many more will come and can be awarded soon once they are made and also will have a format under APPLICATIONS for when they are done.

As for the Veteran badge, to earn it you must be a long time player(specifically more then 1 year playing in our community) before you can ask for the rank. With the rank you will always have basic admin powers in all servers. The veteran rank symbols someone who has resigned from their position and does not play the game very often. Therefore if we see you playing after getting the...

Re One Time Offers [ENDED - Jun 1, 2020]

Amount / ItemsItem 1Item 2Item 3Item 4Item 5 (Pokemod)
50$1 Year VIP/Admin in one of our servers60,000 Points6 months VIP/Admin + 30,000 Points6 months VIP/Admin in all of our servers8x paid pokes
25$6 months VIP/Admin in one of our servers30,000 Points3 months VIP/Admin + 15,000 Points3 months VIP/Admin in all of our servers4x paid pokes
15$2 months VIP/Admin in one of our servers9,500 Points1 Month...

Forums Update

Hey guys!

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe in these hard times.

As you probably have noticed, a lot has changed on the forums in both positive and negative ways. If you look at the top where the URL is there is now a little lock:

If you click on it it explains exactly what was changed but a short summary is: your information more secure then ever before with this new update.

With this brought massive impacts on the forums. We lost our threads, posts, profile pictures(i fixed) and so on. We are actively working on trying to bring us back to where we were before hand. I dont have a lot of information on the matter but we didnt have a backup of the forums when we did this which...