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Anniversary [29 Feb]

on 29 Feb this forum age will be officially 1 year so we'll give some prizes.

  • 6 players will be rewarded with 7 days of VIP. who comes first serves first. - Requirement: 50 hours of server activity to get the reward.
  • 10 players will be rewarded with 5 days of VIP. who comes first serves first. - Requirement: 10 hours of server activity to get the reward.
  • 6 Forum users will be rewarded with a choice of having a reaction added to the forums. who comes first serves first. - Requirement: 1 month registered account.
  • 10 Forum users will be rewarded with a choice of having an emoji added to the forums. who comes first serves first. - Requirement: 10 days registered account.

Example: potato1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8...​

Expanding to New Games

As many may know from multiple different leaks, Dark Signal will now be expanding to different games, slowly but surely.
Without all of you this wouldn't be possible and all future plans of expansion are for community enjoyment and fun! Lets get to the news shall we:


That's right! We have opened up our own Minecraft server just for you guys. The server is currently running on the Java edition and of course is up to date with the most recent update of Minecraft so you can get all those sweet new blocks that are currently out. This server will be maintained by both Myself and @Comrade Error. Id...​

New Changes

Dear to the community of DS,

There will be big upcoming and exciting changes to the Zombie Plague Team:

First and foremost, please welcome @rustbell to the SM team. I have played with Rust a while in the past. He's experienced when it comes to the ZP scene. He has dedication, commitment and perseverance. Qualities that not many have. I have undeniable faith in his abilities; he will do a wonderful job as our server manager.

Joining us on the HA team will be @Wicked. I have seen him on consistently ever since the beginning of the year. He is loved by all the admins and I cannot stress his importance to our community. Wicked will be in charge of all the admins; he will work closely...

Some Small Changes & Updates

Hello everyone.

As many have probably noticed, some rank changes were made. The councilor rank has now been changed to Community Manager as well as the Co Owner rank coming back to replace Director.

Changing colors and banners isn't the main point of this announcement, however. As many know we did have a meeting today that brought the Community Managers together(those that could make it) to discuss what changes will be happening with this rank. After many complaints and suggestions that the councilor rank was useless, we have finally agreed to make some changes to the rank. From this point forward, Community Managers will be COMMUNITY managers. They will work in ALL servers, not just one. They will have full admin access to all...

Holiday Event - Conclusion

Greetings, dear community.

A big thank you from the staff goes to @Striker and @RedPepsi who were the ones to support the event financially so we could give money prizes. Also, I want to say that I appreciate every fellow team member who worked hard to make every event possible and make them enjoyable for the community. Considered that this is the biggest event that we have ever held, it was pretty successful although there was a bit of pressure sometimes. Nonetheless, it was very fun and hopefully we will make such major events in the future too :)

In the meantime, I wish everyone a happy new year, and may you & your friends/families remain healthy and safe during these times. ❤

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