• Please visit the "Which game would you rather see us in?"" thread and vote for 1 of the 3 games listed youd like to see us move to! This is a community effort and we need your help! Please vote!
  • Minecraft yes +rep roblox?
  • The Zombie Escape server is being remade, it will be back in 1/2 days.

A few Councilor updates

Greetings, everyone.

I bring forward the news to tell you that one person who's among us is being promoted and joining the Council team. Whether it be the forums, servers or discord, I'm sure most of you have seen and/or interacted with this amazing person. And that person is the one, the only, @transitoo! Congratulations my guy, you've deserved it since some time ago already but the day has finally come.

Following that promotion, we will also have a couple of demotions too. We've already noticed that two of our Councilors have lacked to show activity here in the community lately and therefore we're lowering their ranks. However we should...

Which game would you rather see us in?

Title says it all. Will be adding a poll to determine which game either has more people owning the game, wanting to play the game, or wanting to see us having a server in the game.

There are three games in this list:

Garry's Mod, L4D2, and Minecraft.

I personally know nothing in terms of developing any of these games, but will be looking into potential options we can have in moving in them.

Please note, we will have something in every one of these games, I just want to see what will be first.

In my personal opinion, I will be voting L4D2. I'm most familiar with that game, personally own the game and very cheap to buy for others during steam sales.

This vote will determine where we start trying to add servers in and partner with a...

Global Contest - Grand Grinding!

  • On Friday 11 Sept a contest that connects will entire community will start
  • Players will need to score a high amount of event points in 2 weeks or 1 month depending on how the results go.
  • The only way to score points is by killing enemies, and that means for zombie servers cannibals won't do.
  • Admins are not allowed to turn players into specials during the event.
  • For PalanKus, 4 kills = 1 point / ZP, 3 kills = 1 Point / Poke, 2 Kills = 1 Point , Dust, 1 Kill = 1 Point, Ze 1 kill = 1 Point
  • You are free to play on whatever server you want to collect points on.
  • Rewards are donations worth.
600 Points = 5$ Worth
1200 Points = 10$ Worth
1600 Points = 15$ Worth
2100 Points = 20$ Worth
2500 Points = 30$ Worth

November will be a better time

Hello dear friends & members, since corona has started, all i was doing playing cs in my room, doing online school and chatting with friends, after 1300 hours gaining on steam during this corona shit i got bored of playing cs. So i'm gonna leave cs and other games untill november/december. School has started again, no it's not because of school & learning, it's because of RL friends (Yes i have RL friends dawg.) the past week i've spent the whole week in my city after school with friends, going around, drinking coffe, beer, smoking cigarets BLA BLA. You get the point.

I'm on this community since March 2020, and i can tell i had a lot of fun playing, meeting new people, doing my thing on forums and so on. I'm not planing ever to...

Giveaway Fun!


Hey guys! With the event of my birthday coming up i will be hosting a birthday celebration giveaway event.

The event is this:

On 8/12 at approximately 9PM EST(subject to change), i will be hosting a Among us lobby. Among Us is a cross platform game through steam and a mobile device like Android or Apple but it should be known that it is free on mobile but 5$ on steam(I...​