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Viewing Donation Drive: Manual Donations

For Minecraft Donations Click Here:

These donations are handled manually by staff, if you wish to have your access delivered automatically please use the shop [Press Here].
Warning: JB and Pokemon are currently inactive decide carefully before you buy something as we will not refund you.

After you make your donation please post your donation information here:

You are also able to donate just to support the community with no reward if wanted. We here at DS appreciate and accept any and all donations

Any Pokémod Prices can be located here:



Jailbreak Points Prices:

Every 1k of points is 2$. So for example:

1k: 2$
2k: 4$
3k: 6$
4k: 8$
5k: 10$
*And So On*


[Please use the shop for d2/zombie servers to get your access quickly]

14 days - 6$
30 days - 12$
90 days - 30$



*You are subject to lose your powers at any time for any abuse with no refund*

30 days- 10$


*You are subject to lose your powers at any time for any abuse with no refund*

Admin + VIP (1 month) ->
Admin + VIP (2 months) -> 33$
Admin + VIP (3 months) -> 50$


VIP+ Custom Player Model -> 12$

Admin + VIP + 5000 JB Points -> 20$

Admin + VIP + 5000 JB Points + Custom Player Model -> 25$

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This donation drive ends in
  • Confirmed
  • Donation transfer
  • Confirmed
  • D2 / Dust Server
  • Confirmed
  • gift for the player: Crazy, VIP 1 month
  • Confirmed
  • Confirmed
  • Buy vip deltaheavy

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