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ZP Rules

General Rules:

  • Disrespect/Harassment is not allowed.
  • Offensive/pornographic sprays are forbidden.
  • Advertising is strictly forbidden.
  • Cheating (including scripts/macros/hyperscroll) is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.
  • Avoiding death by disconnecting/suiciding is not allowed.
  • Ghosting is not allowed.
  • Spamming the microphone (music/loud noises/not speaking English) is forbidden.
  • Blocking your teammates is not allowed.

Zombie Rules:

  • Zombies must try attacking humans at all times (Special rounds/hard spots/waiting for nade are NOT excuses).
  • Trucing with humans is not allowed.
  • Blatantly targeting a specific player multiple times with T-Virus/Infection Nade is not allowed.

Human Rules:

  • Teaming/Trucing with zombies is not allowed. If a zombie is blocking other zombies from reaching you, you should shoot that zombie 1st.
  • Blocking team spots with your body or using sandbags/laser mines is not allowed.
  • Self-infecting/Suiciding to become a zombie is not allowed.
  • Camping ANY type of secret area during special rounds or as last human(s) is not allowed.
  • A sandbag/laser mine is illegal if zombies cannot be stationary while attacking it or if it makes it impossible to enter a camp spot.