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Mar 14, 2020
Hello! If you are reading this thread, it most likely means you need help with the forums! If you have any questions that are not listed here feel free to reach out to a Forum Moderator, Councilor, Director, Owner, or even a random person!

  • How do I navigate the forums?

First and foremost lets introduce you to the Forums Navigation bar!:


BLUE SQUARE: If you click this it will bring you to our home page. Our home page consists of Featured threads that we deem are important to read and could be useful to those browsing our forums. Also you can find the shoutbox there as well which you can always type in to ask questions as well but it is primarily used for random chatting.

RED SQUARE: If you click this it will bring you to the actual forums' list. The forums list includes anything and everything that you may need including sections for games, applying for staff applications. Unban requests, Introductions, etc. Everything there is labeled with a purpose and if you cant find what your lookin for just try guessing what section it would be in and youll probably be right! If not use the shoutbox for help!

GREEN SQUARE: If you click this box it will bring you to what has recently been posted(Threads or Posts). This isn't commonly used!

YELLOW SQUARE: If you click this box it will bring you to a list of important members and staff members who can help you.

GRAY SQUARE: If you click this box it will bring you to a list of all bans and ban information in our system.

PURPLE SQUARE: If you click this box it will bring you to our Discord!

ORANGE SQUARE: IF you click this box it will bring you to our donations page! PLEASE USE THE DOWN ARROW NEXT TO IT IN ORDER TO SEE IF WE HAVE ANY DEALS GOING ON!

BROWN SQUARE: This is the Navigation bar Hub. This is where you will be able to click you profile picture and edit anything regarding your profile. There is also the envelope where you can send messages or receive messages to anyone on the forums! The little bell icon next to it is for any notifications you receive. And lastly the search icon is used to search for something on the forums.

You can also contact a higher up if you have any questions by starting a new conversation by clicking their name and clicking 'Start new Conversation":


This is what the forums looks like and each forums has a category. For example: It says general which is the category and under each category is a forums leading into something pertaining to that category.


  • Support Questions

- How can I apply for Admin?
You can apply for admin by going to APPLICATIONS section under the SUPPORT category and going into the Format section to grab the format of how you apply and returning back to the applications section to fill out the format and apply. Or you can click HERE to get to the APPLICATIONS section.

- What do I do when my Admin Application is on hold?

While your application is on hold you must be patient and wait for the Server Manager to make their decision. Asking for +1s is prohibited but you may ask for people to check out your application if you have any people you think are worthy to check it out. You aren't allowed to comment on peoples feedback in a negative way. You are hearing what people think about you and why or why not you should be admin. It is an application not a flame war.

- Who exactly accepts my application?

A majority of the time the Server Manager of the server your applying for will accept your application. There are certain situations where this doesn't apply such as: When an SM is on vacation, There is no SM of a server, or other outlying reasons. IF it isn't the Server Manager then it could be a Head Admin, Council Member, or higher that accepts or denies your application.
- Can I still get accepted if any of my reports were false?

Technically you are supposed to be denied if you do not have the proper reports necessary in order to apply. There are some exceptions where an SM may accept if the person is highly known and active and known to be a great addition to the administrative team.

- In what way can I prove my innocence if I'm banned?

This will be explained to you in the thread you make. A lot of the evidence that needs to be provided is actually from the admin that banned you.

- If I'm permanently banned, can I still make a unban request?

Of course! There can always be a mistake somewhere and we encourage those who know they were unfairly banned to speak up on it.

- Where can I find the link to request my unban?

If you go under the Support category on the forums there is a section for unbans. This is the same process to fill out as applying for admin: Grab the format and make a new thread with the format filled out. Or you can click HERE.

- How do I record a rule-breaker, a hacker, or admin abuse? If so, how do I upload it?

In order to record a these things you must open console in-game by hitting the ` button(Which is right next to your 1 key) and type "record *Nameyouwant*" and it'll record your game so make sure your spectating the player you wish to record. After you are done you can get the recording by going into your cstrike folder and posting it in the correct forum section using mediafire or another video upload tool you may wish to use.

- Am I allowed to mention any admin to check my report?

You are not allowed to tag anyone in your thread unless there is no answer within a week.
- How do I get started on forums?

The first step is to introduce your self in the introductions section! Maybe you can see people in game and make some new friends and see who everyone is and say hello! The next step is to try to get familiar with the layout of the forums and see how it functions.

- Can I change how the forums looks?

Yes you can. Please click HERE in order to see the steps in order to do that.

- I lost points in Zombie plague. How can i get my points back?

Click HERE.

- How can I donate? Does donating come with any perks?

You can donate by clicking the little drop down arrow next to "Donations" in the navigation bar and choose whatever options are there at the time(There may be a "limited time only" section that may appear when we want to put it there).

-What is trial admin?

Trial admin is when a Server Manager does accept you for a limited time to see how you perform with limited access of what a normal administrator gets. after your 2 week trial is over of being a trial admin you must reapply and ask for permanent admin permissions if you think you did well performing on your trial.

-Do I have to apply again after my trial ends?
Yes. After 2 weeks you may reapply if you think your trial was successful.

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