Announcement Some Deserved Council Promotions


Staff member
Hey guys,

I have noticed two people in particular are/were working very hard in their servers and on forums and i think its time we give them a promotion! These people worked hard to reach this point and so we thank them for their hard work and congratulate them by moving them up to a more deserved rank!

@Error we congratulate you on joining the COUNCIL team! You work very hard on Palankus and it shows day in and day out. We appreciate all the hard work you bring towards the server and community as a whole and we hope that this promotion brings out even more capability of greatness from you and your team! I messaged you before on steam about a particular topic about who would be the next Server Manager, and ill let you make that decision for yourself and announce it yourself as I think the newest STAFF Member should choose their SMs.

The second Promotion is @Godzilla will be promoted from Forum Moderator to the COUNCIL Team as well. Everyone knows Godzilla is a hard working individual in both the servers and the forums. I have been pushing for this promotion for quite some time as he day in and day out shows how powerful he is in this community by leading by example. Unfortunately at this time, we are unsure of what server you will be in charge of so for now you will be STAFF of Forums and have STAFF access in all servers and forums. I will teach you what you need to know when the time is available for both of us. You will also lose your Forum Moderator rank as you are now part of the staff team, @NukularBunny you will be taking the role on yourself for now until a replacement comes.


Congratulations to our newest Staff Members!