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Announcement Some Small Changes & Updates


Mar 14, 2020
Hello everyone.

As many have probably noticed, some rank changes were made. The councilor rank has now been changed to Community Manager as well as the Co Owner rank coming back to replace Director.

Changing colors and banners isn't the main point of this announcement, however. As many know we did have a meeting today that brought the Community Managers together(those that could make it) to discuss what changes will be happening with this rank. After many complaints and suggestions that the councilor rank was useless, we have finally agreed to make some changes to the rank. From this point forward, Community Managers will be COMMUNITY managers. They will work in ALL servers, not just one. They will have full admin access to all servers that we own and will be helping all servers in any way they can.

If a CM is the first CM to write in a report, they are the CM that will be leading that report instead of having to fight over who has authority in taking control of what happens.

We will be focusing on promoting those who can help the community as a whole to the Community Manager rank, instead of giving it to those who only focus on one server or area in the community.

With that being said id like to formally welcome back: @Sultan Potato and @Comrade Error to the Community Manager team.

Potato and error will be helping with specific needs of the community, where potato will be working on making sure everything is running smooth such as: Access Levels being maintained, ranks on forums are up to date, VIP dates are being checked, and just being that helping hand to those that need him.

Error will also be working with me on a secret project that will be announced at a later time. I cant wait to start working with you.

And lastly @RUMBLE and I will be working on a secret new server that will be coming in the future as well.

We hope these changes will bring Dark Signal to a better future of gaming for all of us. Thank you.

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Jul 17, 2020
Mmm- yess.

-Anyway i really interested which server will be, i hope so its not deathrun or something, i bet its knife server bcz i know a lot of things about it and probably i can help with it if you guys want. (But i guess you guys not need help but if yes, i want to be helpful for you guys, nevermind which plans you guys have!)

-Welcome back old negros, love to see you guys not going to the "hole of the oblivion" but this is never gonna happen :D

I really love being here, thank you guys for this update, very appreciated!
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Sep 5, 2020
The Netherlands

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