Announcement Who's that PokeMod!?

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Staff member
We have seen such great growth in the Pokemod server. We have an amazing staff team that works towards building the community from within.

With that come some promotions!

@APairOfPants will be joining the Council team and will be working with Koluva with bigger projects for the server itself as well as helping the community as a whole. We are happy to rank you up and we greatly appreciate the work you have put in and hopefully will continue to put in even greater with your promotion.

With that we need a new server manager. Usually we would promote a Head Admin and even let the council of the server decide but I've already spoken to Pants and I'm sure @KoLuVa Would agree that @Queen will be promoted to the Server Mamager of Pokemod. She is undoubtedly a very hard worker and she brings such positivity to the server that brings the players back. We are happy to have her manage the server! We also appreciate the HAs that let us do this and we will remember this in the future. Thank you as well!

Please congratulate our newest rank ups, and remember gamers.....stay frosty.


💪🏻Randy Savage💪🏻
Staff member
Congratulations you two! You'll be invited to your proper group chats soon and you'll have your permissions updated over the next few days.

Welcome to the council team @APairOfPants!

And welcome aboard as a SM @Queen !

I'm sure you both will fit into your role effectively. I've been playing pokemod a lot lately and see the hard work you two put forward! I believe in you!


Queen 💫
Server Manager
Pokemod Team
From the first day I played in Pokemod, I havent stopped doing it and that is due to how comfortable i have felt with the people who are part of this. For several months I have seen how they are constantly working to improve and i really appreciate the opportunity to be part of the team. I will do my best to help on the server and in the community, Thank you💜


Server Admin
Server Admin
Pokemod Team
Looking forward to new plugins/changes/fixes as we haven't seen much yet and right now Pokemod is bringing in the most donations so I would think that it would be priority.

Congrats @Queen @APairOfPants

Queen will be perfect as she can actually communicate with 95% of the server lmao